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Malagoli & Designers

Our experience and creativity We work regularly with architects and designers, making our services available to those who want to create highly sought products.



Our expertise to serve your genius

We offer our collaboration to architecture firms, focusing in particular on furniture and our customer's functional objectives and needs.

Our expertise in the art of metalworking is made available to your designing skills through a direct and constructive interaction. Our utmost accuracy is devoted to the context where our outputs are to be placed, by complying with the principle of rationality and respecting forms and materials.


Our passion for creativity

Malagoli Aldebrando is a historical mark in the world of metal processing, put in the service of design to overcome the limits of the architecture of forms and to reach new construction definitions and concepts.

Our experience combines technology with forms of art and design culture, to reflect changing times and functional home needs. We are ready to tackle with new creativity challenges.